• 'Round and about Sacred Heart School.
      3rd grade demos IXL Math for Bishop Mulvey in the computer lab.
      Mrs. Cantu's PM I class' chance to shine.
      PM I Montessori students are eager to show off their skills.
      Mrs. Garcia's PM II students are ready to show the Bishop what they can do!
      Mrs. Dysarz' PM III group gives Bishop Mulvey an enthusiastic welcome!
      Mrs. Morgan's 2nd grade class gives Bishop Mulvey their undivided attention.
      Bishop Mulvey takes a turn at the 2nd grade helm.
      Heads up, 2nd graders!
      Students focus their attention on Valentine's Day art activities.
      Sacred Heart Pastor, Fr. Yrlas, appears pleased with student progress.
      Are all of these for me?
      Our beautiful campus!
      October 2013 our new Bluebird bus arrives!