SHS Plan for Students to Miss the Summer Slide

One of the dreaded parts of summer is the old 'Summer Slide' that can happen when students don't practice their math and reading skills. The neat part of this is that it doesn't take much to keep those skills intact. Thirty minutes a day reading or working math problems should do it! So, here's a reminder of how to keep your kids sharp!!
Remember that we have asked for each reader to earn at least 10 points in Accelerated Reader this summer in order to attend the SHS Summer Reading Program Surprise Party to be held at school on Friday of the first week we're back in school. Here's the details:
1. Take Accelerated Reader tests online through the following website: 
SHS students should know their login and passwords (they haven't changed) and those should be typed in lowercase. If you don't know them, call the office as Mrs. Mari has a list.
2. If your child needs books to read, the MyON account will be open to all Texas schoolchildren throughout the summer. Use this website to access books to read online for FREE. 
School Name:  Read at Home
User Name:     readnow
Password:       myon
3. Using the same Login page as #2, students may click on the NEWS tab to find current events, games, and other interesting activities, but none of this part is necessary for the SHS Summer Reading Program.
4. As far as Math problems, we've signed up in all of our SHS kids going to 1st - 5th grades. There are all kinds of math problems there and your child can work those on their own. The nice part of this program is that if a child makes an error, the program automatically reteaches the concept or skill and gives the child another chance. 1st-5th graders have access to Math and Language Arts, so there is plenty there for each child to do.
Just go to   and   have your student login. 
Let's chase those 'Summer Slide' Blues away!!!