2022 Religion Bowl Winners at SHS

These smiling students were chosen by their teachers to participate in the School's Annual Religion Bowl that is held during National Catholic Schools Week each year. Each team is made up of one student from each class Kinder - 5th grade selected by their teachers because of their excellence in religion knowledge. The two teams compete by answering questions related to religion and the team that gets the most answers correct is the first place winner. These two teams were tied and 5th grader Stella Waggoner broke the tie in answer to one question. Students shown from Left to Right: Top Row: Stella Waggoner, Taylor Soto, Mila Nguyen, Tyler Parkoff, Weston Wendel, and Emilia Oliveira. Bottom Row Arianna Bhakta, Mia Betancourt, Jesse Giessel, Kendall Richmond, and Dean McDavid.
Source: Kathy Barnes