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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Sacred Heart School provides a loving environment where students become
lifelong learners through experiences that promote knowing, loving, and serving
God and all creation and where faith, academics, and service
are valued and celebrated.

We live, love, learn, and serve through Jesus.
The Vision of Sacred Heart School is to foster and enable children to become
independent learners who will develop and improve skills as problem solvers,
leaders, and contributing members of society while committing the use of their
God-given talents to serving the needs of their local and global communities.
  • Family: We hold dear the importance of family, friends, and community, in the spiritual, academic, and physical education of our students.
  • Spirituality: We dedicate ourselves to the Spiritual formation of our students and staff through study, opportunities to pray, and participation in liturgical celebrations.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence through a rigorous and innovative curriculum.
  • Respect: We value all life and members of God's creation.
  • Integrity: We practice fair and honorable principles and exercise moral judgment in all we say and do.