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Education Advisory Council


The Educational Advisory Council, working in partnership with the Principal, is consultative to the Pastor, the Parish and the parish Finance Council with regard to the operation by the parish of its school. It is expected to be a collaborative body with all members contributing to the discussions.


The anticipated areas in which the Educational Advisory Council will have consultative input are Catholic Identity, Finance, Academic Excellence, Plant and Facilities, Strategic Planning, Advancement/Development and Marketing. Consultation includes the review and monitoring of the annual budget including recommending tuition, monitoring tuition collection, and other areas as assigned to it by the Pastor, Parish, or Principal where applicable.


The Council meets every six weeks in the School Library. 


Pastor – Very Reverend Ray Yrlas, Jr.                                      Principal – Kathy Barnes


Chairperson – Sofie Perkins                                                      Marie Cook-Meinhausen                     


Secretary – Lupe Yarbrough                                              PTA President – Cristin Ford


Harvey McBee                                                                                          Andrew Freasier


Griffin Sadovsky                                                                         Castaways - Fred Gibbs


Marjorie Tydlacka                                                                                      Blake McDavid