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The school uses the Curriculum Guidelines as published by the Diocese of Corpus Christi Office of Catholic Schools. It is based upon the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills) with the addition of religion and computer. The use of the Curriculum Guidelines by teachers in preparing lessons and plans is required and gives the students the foundation they need for higher learning as they progress in their educational journey.

Young students begin to learn LANGUAGE ARTS and MATH skills and emphasis remains on those subjects throughout a student’s school years. Educational websites are used as online partners in practicing skills taught in school and prove to be beneficial in times of distance learning. Reading and Math such fundamental skills that students are encouraged to read and work problems daily.

Since STREAM (Science/Technology/Religion/Engineering/Art/Mathematics) activities became a part of the school’s curriculum in 2017, there are weekly hands-on activities and critical thinking done to solve problems and answer questions that are posed by teachers. Students often work in small groups and are encouraged to try their theories whenever possible.

 The use of the STREAM LAB where students have access to computers, tools, various supplies, running water, and space to experiment has become a part of the science program for all and especially for the 3rd -5th graders.  Teachers realize that helping students to become critical thinkers and find answers to various situations is important to their future success.

 The COMPUTER Lab has touch-screen desktop computers where all students have weekly computer classes. Classes begin with the youngest students learning to manipulate the ‘mouse’ when practicing math and language arts skills through the use of educational sites and continue all the way through the 5th grade as students have learned keyboarding by touch, Microsoft Word, Paint, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and more. These skills are helpful to them not only in school but in future careers.

 The PE (Physical Education) classes are meant to help students learn more about their bodies and the physical needs and abilities they have while working to improve body tone and agility. Exercise is part of the daily program as are sports (games and instruction). Living a healthy balance of physical exercise and routine work habits is a valuable life skill for all.

 All students take RELIGION classes daily. Prayer is an important part of the day and students pray before and after meals, at the beginning and ending of the day, and at the beginning of most classes. The CIRCLE OF GRACE program is taught by the religion teachers and helps the child understand the importance of respecting themselves and others and the importance of showing that respect.