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Community Service


Sacred Heart School students and staff work together to determine the needs of the community and find ways that they can help others. 

  • Visiting the area nursing facilities to sing for the residents, performs skits or gymnastics, play games or converse with them, and help them smile are some of the ways that the students can show their love of neighbor.
  • The students often make cards of good wishes for those who are sick or in the hospital.
  • The students host the Wounded Warriors who come to Rockport for rest and relaxation. Those military heroes come to the school and our students honor them and learn more about the sacrifices they made for our nation’s freedom.
  • The student body prays for those who need prayers or have asked for them in the morning prayers, pledges, and announcements that are conducted by the 5th graders.
  • Our Catholic students serve at our school Masses once they’ve made their First Reconciliation and First Communion. These same students serve at weekend Masses and at weddings and funerals upon request.
  • Each Spring our school supports the local Oysterfest in Fulton by participating in the parade with our color guard, a float, and our school bus all decorated and promoting our local economy.
  • When natural disasters occur, our students and staff make efforts to support those affected through prayer and donations.
  • The older students often work with the younger students during the After School Program or on the school bus that transports students in neighboring towns to and from their area.