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Gospel Values for the Months


MONTH                                      GOSPEL VALUES                              SOCIAL JUSTICE TEACHINGS

August                                        RESPECT                                           Human Dignity

Jesus taught us that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the person is the foundation of a moral vision for society, community, and the Common Good. Each day in every way, we must treat others just the way we wish to be treated.


September                                  LOVE                                                 Call to Family

Jesus taught us to love God and love one another as we love ourselves. This we can do each day by thinking of others before ourselves, thinking of how our actions and words affect others; putting others’ happiness before our own. Working together in a spirit of love and community can build strong ties that bind us together as children of God.


October                                       INTEGRITY                                       Rights & Responsibilities

We practice fair and honorable principles and exercise moral judgment in all we say and do. If we can teach our students to do the right thing always and especially when no one else is looking, then we have helped them become people of integrity.


November                                    CHARITY                                          Care for God's Creation

As we love each other, we are called to give of ourselves to those we love. If we love our neighbor, then we try to help him in ways that we recognize as his needs. Sharing of our time and treasures can show our love. When we think of the many gifts God has provided this world, we need to realize that these gifts are gifts from God that show His love for us. We must take care of the earth, its resources, and the plants and animals He created for us to enjoy and love. Learning to appreciate, not to misuse those gifts shows our love of our Creator,


December                                    FAMILY                                   Life & Dignity of Human Persons

Servant Leadership means that each person is called to help others and serve them just as Jesus served us. We can lead others to do the same and help them realize the importance of service. When problems arise in our lives, we are called to work together and consider the needs of the most vulnerable. Whenever we have the opportunity to serve others, we should regard that opportunity as a gift and do our best to joyfully assist our brothers and sisters.


January                                       COURAGE                                         Rights & Responsibilities

When a person makes choices, commitments and actions in accordance with what one believes to be true and right, it can be difficult. Teaching a child that the willingness to persevere in the face of suffering and opposition is teaching a child to be courageous.


February                                      EXCELLENCE                                    Call to Community

Helping students strive for excellence through a rigorous and innovative curriculum where they use their God-given talents to reach their greatest potential is the goal of SHS. We endeavor to build productive citizens of tomorrow with moral conscience and integrity that bid them and their community well as future leaders.


March                                           SERVANT LEADERSHIP                    Solidarity/Role of Government

Each person is called to help others and serve them just as Jesus served us. We can lead others to do the same and help them realize the importance of service. The role of government is to give each citizen equal rights as human beings, to protect the rights of each person against injustices, and to promote human dignity. We as citizens should try to elect persons to government offices who realize the importance of the dignity of each life…those lives of the born and the unborn.


April                                              SPIRITUALITY                                  Call to Participation

Spirituality includes the various ways in which we live out our Baptismal promise through prayer and action. We guide students through liturgical celebrations, prayers, and other religious practices so that students will be aware of the wide array of gifts which the Church has given us to use. Our aim is to help children find their own spirituality that will remain their foundation for a faith-filled life.


May                                                COMPASSION                      Option for the Poor & Vulnerable

When we try our best to be compassionate, we are helping others through hard times. When someone is sick, we try to care for them; when someone has lost someone, we try to comfort them. Those who have less than us need our assistance in their daily living so we might share our food, clothes, toys. We might offer another a ride to church or school… Living in community with others means we see each other as our neighbor no matter where they are. Sharing our gifts, going out of our way to help another, being thoughtful of strangers can bring together community.